Yowie Bay Public School

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Our Educational Philosophy

At Yowie Bay Public School, we believe a good education is about developing the whole child. It is about growing each day, building on the learnings of the day before. Building capability throughout the years and becoming a lifelong learner.

Students are encouraged to stretch their minds, train their bodies, care for others, grow their values and become stronger each day.

The world needs new types of leaders, at work, within the community, and at home. This new generation of leaders calls for an enhanced set of skills and intelligences that a curriculum-only approach cannot provide. We need leaders who can stand against the headwinds of life. We need leaders of character and curiosity, compassion and connection, critical thinking, and courage.

At Yowie Bay Public School we take students from strength to strength with consistent, creative, and customised learning whilst teaching our students to care for each other as an extended family does.